I was born in Nijkerk in 1975, studied at the Academy of Arts in Breda the Netherlands and graduated in 1999. After my graduation I worked for 18 years in a youth custodial institution. Because of this experience with working with young people, it became increasingly clear to me what I was looking for in my photography. The need to photograph people in their purity originated from this work. Four years ago I re-connected strongly with my photography and started to create portraits.


I’m looking for people that I feel connected to or that arouse my curiosity. This originates from wanting to find out what hides behind the human being that I photograph.

In my photography, I aim to capture the idea of stillness, both in the subjects and in the scenes that I choose and composes. In my conviction that in the chaos of the world around us, stillness and silence, is a rare phenomenon to encounter.

What is central to my work is the imagination of existential timeless subjects. Like the feeling of spring, young love, heartbreaking yearning, searching for your own identity, theatrical reality and naivety, the purity of youth.


Nov 2016 Art Arnhem
Nov 2017 ART@Transformatie
Sept- Jun 2017-2018 De Stekker Arnhem
April 2018 Trans 0.0
May 2018 PhotoLondon
June 2018 Stroom Arnhem
July 2018 Les Rencontres Arles
Nov 2018 Photo Vogue Festival Milan